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Grow your business by unlocking pre-tax & health insurance payments for your customers.

We’ve seen an unprecedented growth in online health and wellness brands for consumers. This growth has also revealed glaring gaps in compliance as many brands struggle with accepting important pre-tax payment methods such as Health Savings Accounts (HSA) or brands that may be eligible for health insurance reimbursement.  

These compliance issues relate to the Federal regulatory requirements of product categories and how online merchants accept payments.  It additionally has made the acceptance of HSA convoluted for brands to collect payments and understand compliance for documentation in the event of a patient IRS audit. 

Additionally, consumers know and want to understand when a product or service may be covered under insurance.  

Every challenge has a bigger opportunity. Blue Goose Partners has deep expertise in online healthcare payment solutions and enables brands to differentiate from the competition and unlock new sales channels for pre-tax purchases and insurance programs.


  • Product eligibility for pre-tax payments, health insurance
  • Market analysis for product fit in clinical settings
  • Marketing strategy for HIPAA


  • eCommerce Plug-in for pre-tax and insurance payments
  • Health Insurance eligibility processing
  • Consumer Coverage Interchange
  • Insurance rebates post-purchase


  • HSA documentation management
  • Prescriptions and Letters of Medical Necessity
  • Audit and compliance reviews
  • HIPAA CRM development for marketing services
  • HIPAA compliant order transactional emails


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