Medical Device Manufacturers

This new challenge is to effectively and efficiently automate the ordering-to-payment process so that all stakeholders will champion your product and service?  

These stakeholders include referring Doctors, Patients, Company Stakeholders, Health Insurance Plans, and more.  

Typically, this process requires consultants, recruitment of key hires, software development teams, and customization that takes a year or more. 

Blue Goose Partners’ experience has led to an ‘off-the-shelf’ software service for Medical Device companies effectively enabling the Go-to-Market through our software and consulting services.

Learn how Blue Goose Partners can accelerate your Go-to-Market services and expand your medical devices insurance coverage in weeks, not years. 

The Blue Goose Partners Software will enable your medical device company to:  

  1. Automate order intake for consumers and referring physicians
  2. Consulting services for regulatory requirements
  3. Custom health insurance payer networks
  4. Health insurance payment services
  5. HIPAA compliant customer communications 
  6. Integration with your marketing software and more


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