Healthcare Consulting & Optimization

Blue Goose Partners provide top-notch healthcare consulting to maximize your growth and optimize your operation.

Durable Medical Equipment (DME) Businesses

Blue Goose Partners have many years experience owning and operating a DME business, as well as partnering with many along the way. We have collaborated and consulted DMEs across all types of different products, and fully understand the biggest challenges that most face. We have developed our own products to optimize the DME workflow, from product catalog management all the way through claims reimbursement.

Insurance Claims Analysis & Optimization

Blue Goose Partners has worked with major insurance payers to analyze claims and identify areas for optimizations with regards to plans and reimbursements.

Healthcare Technology

Blue Goose Partners has developed proprietary products to enhance operational workflow as well as for internal use. With many years developing healthcare technology, we can provide analysis and consulting with regards to your current and future technology requirements.

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