Products & Technology

Blue Goose Partners has developed proprietary technology solutions to enhance operational workflow and maximize revenue for DME businesses, including a CRM, product catalog, and workflow tools.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Patients

Blue Goose Partners has years of experience owning, managing, and operating DME businesses. Over those years, one key element always seemed to be a challenge: finding a good CRM product that is not only direct to consumer, but driven by patients as the consumers. Blue Goose Partners developed a custom, HIPAA-compliant CRM application that can be used to collect patient data and integrate with other tools like marketing CRMs, workflow management tools, and insurance claims systems.

Product Catalog & Insurance Network Management

Blue Goose Partners identified the need for DME businesses to optimize their ability to view their complete product catalog, including insurance reimbursements by payer, across their insurance network. After collaborating with various large and small DMEs over the years, one thing is clear, this is very challenging and complicated to manage. Each product has many variations (size, color, etc...) and may be available for rent or sale, which have different requirements when it comes to the insurance payer. And then there's prescriptions...

DME Workflow from Customer Intake to Claims Reimbursement

Blue Goose Partners has developed custom tools to help DME businesses maximize revenue by offering customers a complete product catalog, including insurance reimbursement products. Once the products have been selected, the customer provides additional information to complete the order. Then Blue Goose Partners, or the DME company, follows up to collect and verify necessary prescriptions prior to shipping and submissing for claims. This entire process can be easily managed utilizing our proprietary workflow application, including integrations with marketing CRMs, online faxing, and claims management integrations.

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